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Upcoming Adam Lambert Tour

Adam Lambert tour

Adam Lambert is ready to rock North America with his vocals in the summer. Coming hand in hand with Queen, he will be prepared to set the stage on fire as his fans rock and roll to his tunes.

Beginning in June and going through well into July, Adam Lambert and Queen will be playing 19 dates. It is set to be one of the biggest tours in his career and one that should bring a whole new dimension to his career.

This will be Adam Lambert’s first tour through the US, despite being American Idol and it should be one for the ages. He has recently completed three sell out dates through the UK and is set for big things in the near future.

Rocking the state with his favorite band as their lead singer, Queen and Adam Lambert should provide many thrills and chills on their sunny tour through the States.

Adam Lambert and Queen will be travelling through various big cities in both America and Canada to the glee of his fans. Some of the locations that he is set to perform at are Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, Las Vegas, and New York.
North America will finally be able to see their favorite singer in prime form.

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